What does Jagruti Seva Sanstha mean?

Jagruti - Awakening      Seva - Help      Sanstha - Institution

What kind of organization is Jagruti Seva Sanstha?

Jagruti is a non-governmental organization. It is a registered charity with the Government of India. Jagruti has no political or religious affiliation.

Who founded Jagruti, and when?

Jagruti was founded in 1991 by a group of progressive women from Pune. They wanted to contribute to their community by finding ways to interrupt the vicious cycle of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty in the slums of their city.

What does Jagruti need?

Ongoing funding

  •  This funding helps run activities and expand them to meet the community’s growing needs.

Project funding

  • Jagruti’s activities are expanding in scope and reach, and additional space is urgently needed. Trustees developed plans for a new, 3-story, 2700 square foot facility at the current site to house its growing programs. The old building has been demolished and construction on the new facility has begun.
  • The entire construction cost will be about Rs 40 Lacs (about $100,000CAN). This is a huge undertaking for a volunteer-run organization, and your support will be crucial to making it happen.
Is my donation to Friends of Jagruti tax deductible?

As a simple Canadian not-for-profit organization, Friends of Jagruti cannot issue Canadian charitable tax receipts for donations.

What was Jagruti’s original purpose?

Jagruti’s mission has always been to promote sustainable livelihoods through grassroots capacity building. It first provided educational support for girls who dropped out of school and young children from low-income groups. Over the years, activities have been added as the community expressed its needs to volunteers.

How have Jagruti’s activities evolved?

  • A hostel facility has been provided where young girls can study and receive professional and personal guidance in a home-like setting so they can complete high school and college.

  • Vocational courses such as nursing aid, preschool teacher training, tailoring and computers have been added, providing young women with employable skills.

  • Jagruti established a desperately needed health clinic, served by women doctors who volunteer time and expertise, providing consultation and medication.

  • Jagruti added two professional counselors, who handle cases of domestic violence, abuse and desertion, as well as providing financial advice.

  • Jagruti has launched an HIV/AIDS project to identify and educate vulnerable community members.

Graduating, thanks to Jagruti.

Over the years Jagruti has seen its students flourish and settle into competitive professions such as engineering, nursing and law.

Who funds Jagruti?

Jagruti is a registered charity with the government of India. It receives no funding from government agencies.

It is one of approximately 100 charities in India that has met Credibility Alliance norms. This means that it has been closely scrutinized for transparency and credibility. View Give India’s Creditability Alliance Norms at

Jagruti receives donations through Give India, as well as from individual and institutional supporters.

Who administers Jagruti?

The association’s founder and managing trustee is Jaya Kale. Jaya is also Chairperson of Pune’s Bhagini Nivedita Bank, an all-woman cooperative bank, well known for its integrity in the financial sector.

Jaya is backed by a volunteer Managing Council, whose skills range from accounting to medicine and grassroots social activism.


Who founded Friends of Jagruti? Who is on the board of directors?

Friends of Jagruti was founded by Iyengar yoga teacher Barbara Young of Ottawa Canada, after visits to Jagruti Seva Sanstha in 2004 and 2006 while studying at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. She's supported by board members Josette Lefaivre of Montreal and Sharon Pickle and Theresa Redmond of Ottawa

Can I visit Jagruti Seva Sanstha?

Yes! Jagruti invites you to visit when you are in Pune, and to see its education and health support programs in action.  For more information, please contact us at (just replace AT with @ before sending your email).

Sharon and Barbara, welcomed warmly during a Jagruti visit.

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